Welcome to SOS Papa (parents) Norway.

For parents who cannot see their child because stuck in Norway.

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Abduction is Child Abuse

Why a child could not see her daddy?

In my position? Contact me

With less than 2 abductions a year in Norway. You are hard to find!

14CV32249 is your real ID!

Your mother has changed your name on other ID's.

Ask for your French passport, she was not able to change that...

I found my Baby here...

Tørtberg Kanvas-barnehage, is where my daughter is kept prisoner

People there are unreachable. Why norway is not willing to cooperate?

Looking for Norwegian Translator

Norwegian authorities are not willing to communicate. In English and even less in French!!!

Speaking Norwegian/Swedish, please contact me

I contacted


Alban Andrieu - please visit me here
or e-mail mealban.andrieu@free.fr